Maximize yield, nutrients and other inputs with Tolero™

Plants don't eat, they drink.

Benefits of Tolero™: 

  • Evenly distributes water, nutrients and other soil-applied inputs for enhanced plant health and yield
  • Pulls water into the soil and holds it, which reduces run-off and plant stress
  • Saves water and the energy needed to pump it by reducing irrigation times or intervals

Don't just take our word for it. 

"I'm always looking for newer ways to do things, either to increase yield, lessen disease, save electricity or save water. Simplot came out with this soil amendment they wanted me to try called Tolero. This stuff was amazing. It saves water, electricity and that, but the biggest thing it does is the less I have to water, the less chances I have for disease. It's an amazing product and I'm really sold on it."


-Steve Cooper
Grower, Basin City, WA

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Irrigation injection surfactant - increases soil water availability and improves soil water holding capacity

TOLERO™ can help improve irrigation efficiency by increasing the soil’s ability to hold water in the root zone.

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Increase of 14% in sugarbeet yield.

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